2010 | Appointed as U Mobile’s Main Distributor in Southern Malaysia

Appointed as the Main Distributor for Malaysia’s southern region by U Mobile in the same year the company was established. At the same time, we established strategic cooperation with more than 3,000 mobile phone retailers nationwide.

2011 | Annual turnover of RM12 million (U Mobile)

As the Main Distributor, we generated an annual turnover of RM12 million annual turnover for U Mobile.

2012 | Appointed as Satellite TV Distributor

Obtained the dealership of Astro Njoi Satellite TV.

2013 | Annual turnover of RM60 million (Alcatel Mobile)

Obtained the dealership of Alcatel Mobile and generated an annual turnover of RM60 million in the same year for them.

2014 | Venturing into Technology

Developed and launched E-Yellow Pages App.

2015 | Annual turnover of RM120 million (Maxis Hotlink)

Appointed as the Main Distributor of Maxis Hotlink in Negeri Sembilan. In the same year, we broke records for Maxis Hotlink with an annual turnover of RM120 million.

2016 | IRISPAY App

In 2015, the mobile payment application was in the development stage. In 2016, IRISPAY App was successfully launched.

2017 | Get-set for IRISPAY E-Concept Store

Devoted ourselves to the research and development of IRISPAY E-Concept Store.

2018 | IRISPAY E-Concept Store

Another record was created as we successfully launched the IRISPAY E-Concept Store.

2018 | Obtained Malaysia’s Franchise License

Obtained a franchise license and investors enthusiastically joined the group.

2018 | Acquisition of 100Yen convenience chain stores in Malaysia

Acquired the well-known 100Yen convenience chain stores and transformed them into IRIS 100Yen E-Concept Store.

2018 | IRISMUZ Hotel

We entered into a joint venture with Smuzcity Berhad for the operation of the IRISMUZ Hotel.

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