Management Team

Will Yeoh


Will who grew up in Johor Bahru, brings along with him over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, predominantly. His forte lies in growing retail and distribution network. “My key role centres on around the implementation of retail marketing strategies. In other words, I build and grow sales and distribution network,” says Will, hinting on how he has been going from strength to strength all along.

Shar Man Yap

Business Development

Shar Man has close to 16 years’ experience in the telecommunication industry with extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of sales and distribution, retail and business development. He started his career at Maxis and later joined Astro in charge of regional sales and operations.

Clement Ong

Investor & Business Relations

Armed with the rich practical experience in the investment industry along with an ultimate aim in profit maximization for the corporate groups and customers he serves with professionalism, Clement has undoubtedly gained solid experience and has a proven track record in his battlefield. He believes that unmanned retail is not a trend, instead it symbolizes that the future has arrived.

Karen Chua


Karen is fully responsible for the financial activities of the group including planning, execution and management. She believes that the company is on the track of rapid growth with the vision of public listing and further transformation towards specific goals, which will promote the development of Malaysia’s brand new retail business.

Andy Gan

Logistic & Supply Chain

Andy is entrusted with the operation of IRISPAY Cash Back as his main spectrum. His management philosophy is to plan before execution in order to elevate the success rate and also to tap on corporate development through the creativity of the team collectively. With the gradual development of the corporate philosophy and business model comes in shape, he expects to witness the expansion of business horizon for diversification and venturing into more business sectors to usher more business opportunities and cooperation.

Trish Ng

Marketing & Media

Trish has vast experience in marketing. Her professional background and experience have enabled her to fully excel her strengths in user analysis to understand the buying behaviour of consumers and their needs as well as wants to support in promotional programs development in order to fulfil and create market demand accordingly. Iris World International Group Berhad has developed in leaps and bounds in the retail industry and technology fields that have set a turning point for Trish to diversify her career path and to continue her journey in discovering her potential in event management.

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