Iris World was founded in 2010, when I look back how we started, how we progressed, I feel proud. We started with almost nothing but strive to accomplish great things.

In 2015, I saw that digital disruption is real and “Business as usual” is no longer an option. Retail and the consumer are evolving. So, as a retailer, we need to be up to speed on the changing shopping habits of consumers, the key trends and shifts of the retail industry, and recognize what’s applicable to your business.

One thing I am sure is that digital transformation is affecting our lives, the traditional retailer is experiencing severe disruption to the business. We’ll continue to see name brands going direct-to-consumer, brands are coming to realize that the reach of sales channels is having a toxic effect on their brand equity and that in order to survive, brands need to deliver a shopping experience consistent with their market positioning. And this is a clear warning, traditional retailer must transform quickly.

Finally, our latest digital project “Iris 100Yen Express” is a huge success , it’s cashless, convenient, available round-the-clock and best of all unmanned service operations. We have experienced tremendous sales growth since launch , this will be our major focus for 2019.


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