IRIS WORLD is an organization that brought innovative concepts and engineering expertise into mobile technology. We emphasize on trendy lifestyles, marketing solutions & technological platforms for all.



Iris World (M) Sdn Bhd began as a Telco distributor, distributing official Telco reloads and mobile simpack to physical dealers network.

We are also business mobile apps developer, helping businesses to create their own mobile app to better interact and connect to their customers.

In line with the latest international retail trend, We will be launching our own cashless, unmanned convenience store in end of 2017. We will be the first in Malaysia to be utilizing this revolutionary retail format, and we aim to launch 250 shop in 2018 and to have 2250 shop by end of 2020.



The backbone of our unique organization consists of sharp business partners, strategized work flow & abundant of teamwork; these philosophies allows us to focus on achieving company goals.

In the current era, most of us wish for an opportunity that regards to the ‘trend that everyone is gearing towards’, which allow us to attain greater wealth. Hence, this was one of the motivating factor and insights, IRIS WORLD was born. IRIS WORLD was envisioned beyond many E-Commerce creators out there, as the drive of the company was to create many successful individuals to achieve their dreams and wealth. The vision and mission statements are crafted in such a manner which addresses the best benefit to the company and all the independent members.

IRIS WORLD is one of the world’s emerging marketing solution company and Mobile Commerce platform provider, which accommodates the current trend. A board of investors and E-Commerce experts together with our unprecedented growth of independent members, we are driven to help people to increase their capital and achieve their ultimate potential by creating a sustainable and innovative platform via Mobile Commerce. The Company offers a diverse array of creative digital commerce platform which complies with the latest technologies, which can elevate the earnings of people that join this platform, thus allowing people from all walks of life to lead more active and satisfying lives.

IRIS WORLD designs a creative marketing strategies, by distributing and supporting innovative E-Commerce products for the business and good cause. We have the most comprehensive marketing portfolio and we hold a superior position in Mobile Commerce platform provider. Our innovative performance and services are:

– Specialized Marketing solutions: Accommodates and appeals to people around the world.

– Huge networking base: Services and training that creates a strong bond between the business partners and independent members.

– Globalized Market: IRISPAY E-Concept Store will be the forefront of new retail, and we will bring the business model across South East Asia in the coming future.

We thrive to strengthen our relationship with the platform independent members we serve, to flourish and grow in sustainable, meaningful ways together. IRIS WORLD will foster a trend driven culture that will create and contribute to the overall success of a mankind. IRIS WORLD is not just a trend driven platform, but it’s where future meets the finance solution.