Having been working with retailers in our distribution business, we have observed how retails is facing issues like 1.Difficulties in getting man power, training and retaining staff. 2. Rising cost of rental and man power. 3.High risk in handling cash. 4. Theft and staff misappropriating cash. 5. Unable to diversify their business due to high time, monetary and learning cost.

And being the pioneering retail solution provider, we have introduce the 1st Cashless and Counter-less convenience store concept in Malaysia. IRISPAY E-Concept Store is the first of it’s kind in Malaysia, providing a solution for retailers that immediately solve their problems and also enable them to increase their revenue easily.

By using machine that accept cashless payment, we have minimize the risk of theft, and at the same time enable retailers to operate 24 hours and not having to employ 3 shift of staff to keep the shop. By studying international and local retail trend, we found that the snacks and drinks market is the biggest growing categories among convenience products. people between 18 to 35 are more than willing to spend in exchange of a new and exotic products from other countries and it has become and indicator of their trendy lifestyle.